9 July 2009

Diplomatic Mail of Kampuchean Embassy 1979

Again nothing to do with Cambodian philately. Just that I think this item is scarce and interesting.

Dated 27th October 1979, this is a letter sent by the Embassy of Democratic Kampuchea in Beijing to the Embassy of Republic of Zaire by ordinary mail as printed matter. It informed the Zairean ambassador that the Kampuchean ambassador was away.

The letter is franked with a 1.5 fen Chinese definitive for basic postage. An eye catching red rectangular ink stamp indicates "printed matter". The blue rectangular ink stamp on the top left corner says "Telecommunication Receive & Dispatch Seal of Embassy of Democratic Kampuchea in China". Quite a surprise that diplomatic documents were sent cheap like newspaper, is this a common practice? Shrug.

Victories of the invading Vietnamese has made Pol Pot abandon the capital city Phnom Penh in early January 1979. The nutty Maoist Khmer Rouge retreated to the northwest dense jungles near the Thai border for guerilla and stayed there for the next two decades. Once Khmer Rouge had fled, Vietnamese promptly installed "People's Republic of Kampuchea" but failed to secure international endorsement , Khmer Rouge remained on the seat of Cambodia at the United Nations until 1993.

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